Boyd County Indoor Gun Range

THE Indoor Gun Range for pistols in the Tri-State area.

Along with the impressive and extensive showroom that Boyd County Indoor Gun Range and Store has to offer, the Range at Boyd County is equally impressive. Hand crafted and custom built in the United States by Gun Range Builders, this 6 lane range is unlike any other in America. In addition to framing the range with the finest quality AR500 steel, Boyd County has upgraded and custom built every aspect to enhance your shooting experience.

Shooting stalls at Boyd County feature exclusive, oversized, and luxurious details including private 3’ 8”x 4’ by 10′ tall stalls, 4” of Ballistic Rubber and steel between you and the next stall with 36” tall bench tables in each stall, custom sound absorbing and deflecting material, LED Lighting, state of the art retrieval systems. The reinforced 3/8″ AR500 Steel construction and 12’ ballistic rubber bullet traps rated for .308, make virtually any carry-friendly firearm possible for practice. Add temperature controlled clean air, 50 foot lanes, and automatic Gun Range Builders retrieval systems, and it’s easy to see why the range at Boyd County Indoor Gun Range and Store is the new benchmark for the shooting enthusiasts experience.

Introduction video

Our first video for our new store and range!

What Makes Our Range Special?
  • Indoor Classrooms Available
  • Climate Controlled Indoor Pistol Range
  • Motorized Target Retrieval System
  • Pistols Available for Rent
  • Weapons and Accessories Available for Sale

Our Team

Patrick Daniels

Patrick holds the following credentials:
NRA Instructor
KY CCDW Instructor
In addition to being credentialed by the NRA, he is an AR Gun Smith. If he can't build it, it can't be done.

Elijah Daniels

Elijah is a certified NRA RSO. He also is a pretty good AR Gun Smith, if we don't say so ourselves! If your looking for ideas on your AR, talk with Elijah.
When you come to the store, he's usually the first person you'll see as he mans the sales counter most days.

Brian Williams

Brian is a KY CCDW Instructor and helps out in Sales.
Brian spent several years in the Air Force and brings a unique perspective to the team.

If your wanting to sit down and sit a spell, come on down and talk with Brian.

Keep in touch

Boyd County Indoor Gun Range
12200 Paul Coffey Blvd
Ashland, KY 41102

  •   (606) 232-1419
  •    sales@customarmsky.com

We are THE Indoor Gun Range for pistols in the tri-state area. We also teach CCDW classes, conduct self defense classes, teach introduction to firearms, and build custom ARs to your specs.


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