AMMO Pricing

Don't see something you need? Ask us, we may be able to get it!
Ammo  Members  Non Members
380 100gr  $     Call for Pricing   $          Call for Pricing 
38 spl 125 gr  $           $                      
357 MAG 125gr  $            $                      
9mm 115gr  $            $                      
40 S&W 180gr  $            $                      
45 ACP 230gr  $           $                      
44 MAG 240gr  $           $                      
10 mm 180gr  $           $                      
.22 LR  $           $                      
7.62×25  $           $                      
Bulk Ammo  Members Rounds
223-55gr Call for Pricing  1000 rounds
300 BLK OUT-125gr   1000 rounds
308-150gr FMJ   400 rounds

Why do we make you use our Ammo? Take a look at the two images above.  The one on the left is a fully encapsulated bullet, while the one on the right is a total metal jacket. Notice the lead showing in the second one?

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